Repair Or Restoration

      Stained glass widows are strong when properly made and installed.  Time, weather, and stones will take their toll.  Wood sashes can swell bowing the stained glass window, detaching rebars, and damaging the lead came.   Pieces of glass may fall out.


             Damaged Windows

      Over time lead caming will weaken and solder joints will crack.  If you  tap the window and see dust or small pieces of the sealing compound fall from between the glass and lead, your stained glass window is losing or has lost its integrity.  Stained glass window may not fall out today, but it will.


Have a craftsman at Dickenson Stained Glass evaluate the condition of your stained glass window  and give you your options:  a minor repair, extensive repair, or restoration.  (Where by appointment 330 499 4807)


Stained glass windows are pieces of art and history worth keeping in good condition.    330-495-6538